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'Emotional Shell' is created entirely by code – check out the reveals here...

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For those that have been asking: yes, you can now use @tender_art service to print your 'Impressions of Order' 🙌🥳

A3 plotter test :-) about 5KB of Javascript code generating plottable SVG output #generative #genartclub #plottertwitter…

@postanika @twhid @muratpak @HUObrist @newrafael I say the realms of a gallery or a museum or any other room are just a…

Störungen by @un_erscore Impressive neo-Suprematist collection still available to mint on #fxhash. Well worth 1 tz…

Come have a read about the magic and mystery of ASCII-SMOLSKULL by @mknol – written by original 'skull aficionado @metacaffeine 💀

"I kind of found a soul in the music systems" — @msoriaro "I really like to think of Toccata as a performance" — @andreasrau_eu This is a must-listen interview with the above artists, talking about their recent fxhash work, Toccata:


Alright! Our interview with @andreasrau_eu and @msoriaro is now up! Please enjoy this spectacular deep dive into the workings of Toccata.;

Excited to curate this show of @fx_hash_ works at @brtmoments Venice Beach, California in two weeks. We'll feature art that's pushed forward the technical boundaries of generative art, accompanying an amazing live mint from @piterpasma Details below – hope to see you in cali!


Bright Moments is excited to present @fx_hash_ A two day event - October 6th & 7th at the Venice gallery - the first official fx(hash) event in the US! 'Industrial Devolution' by @piterpasma IRL minting / fx(hash) workshop by @tender_art / Generative art talks with @chilltulpa;

Our next collaboration is a boozy one with @OrrKislev – inspired by early 20th century liquor posters mixed with 80's energy and a dash of surrealism 🍸 "High Spirits!" TENDER x Orr Kislev Look for two months of wips squeezed into the next week before release : )

🔴⭕QQL Contest⭕🔴 ⭕️Win a QQL Mint Pass⭕️ How to enter 1) Create QQLs on 2) Choose 1 to submit 3) Q…

👥 AN INTERVIEW WITH VERA MOLNAR The pioneering artist (#VeraMolnar) speaks to Zsofi Valyi-Nagy (@z_s_v_n) about #NFTs, #…

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TENDER Pass is an access point to a richer Tender experience and is itself a long-form generative art project. Created in collaboration with beloved fx artist Punevyr , the 1000-edition TENDER Pass was released through fxhash on

Tender is committed to stewarding the growth of generative art and amplifying the voices of artists and collectors across the entire lifecycle: from creation to collection to curation, and back again. Every Pass minted and resold directly enables Tender to continue creating the platform and experiences that serve this mission.