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@Ledger During @nft_paris, our VP Comms @AWengroff sat down with prominent figures in the @artblocks_io community - @ArtOnBlockchain, @sofiagarcia_io, @_blockbird, @balon_art & @DeFiStaker. Interested in generative art? This is a convo you won't want to miss!

@fxhash And we’re live 🥳🎉🍾 We can’t describe how overjoyed we are to share months of hard work with you! Thank you for being a part of this incredible milestone in the fxhash journey, we cherish our community above all else! Now, let’s get minting 🎉

@Mathias Isaksen I've been having a lot of fun working on my latest project, and thought it might be interesting to do a step-by-step breakdown! Left: the final product. Right: the initial shapes generated in JS. 👇continued below #generativeart #creativecoding

@T E N D E R ❤️ Thanks for all who collected Everything today – and for sharing your pieces here! This one feels so Jeres 😃 see them all here:

@El Barba Roja💧💧💧 The market is shifting and changing… Be ready for this… Few things (all just my opinion).. 1- Sell outs are important but it’s ok if it takes time. Who said or decided sell outs had to happen right away. Artists take years to sell out collections.

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Grail Grids!

A new paradigm for interactive galleries with an immersive, tangible, and accessible experience. TENDER Pass holders curate Grail Grids according to themes, artists, moods, aesthetics, vibes — anything that has a point of view.




ARTICLE BY Tyler Hobbs

How to Hack a Painting

This talk was given at Strange Loop 2017, and describes a watercolor-inspired generative art algorithm that Tyler Hobbs created.

ARTICLE BY Sarah Zucker

Pixel Sorting: Meeting Chaos Half-Way

In the decade-plus since its inception, Kim Asendorf’s “pixel sorting” technique has entrenched itself in the culture of digital artmaking. When the code was made open source in 2012, it proliferated and mutated.

ARTICLE BY Kyle Waters

Art Blocks and the Data of Generative Art

Following a year in which generative art went mainstream, Kyle Waters mines the data behind the platform that launched a new movement

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ARTICLE BY Roman Verostko

Epigenetic Painting

This paper explores issues related to software that I have developed for personal use in my studio. The software, called Hodos, can generate paintings which bear an uncanny resemblance to work I did before becoming involved with computers.


What Makes a Good Generative Agent?

It’s an interesting question to consider and my objective is to glean a few nuggets of reflection as we consider what makes an excellent agent.

ARTICLE BY Catherine Mason

A Computer In The Art Room

Based on four years of research and numerous interviews with practitioners, this book uncovers the little known history of early British computer art. It is an amazing story and hard to comprehend that before the onset of personal computers, propriety software and the internet there was a real struggle for access which touched off an explosion of true British pioneering spirit.

ARTICLE BY A.V. Marraccini

Variations On The Future

Toccata - A generative audiovisual composition by Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez and Andreas Rau captures a feeling of hope amid apocalyptic anxiety.

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ARTICLE BY Matt DesLauriers

Meridian - The Book

Meridian presents a generative art project by the same name, created by artist and coder Matt DesLauriers

ARTICLE BY Jasia Reichardt

Computer Art

The computer performs various functions which in the broader sense seem to be acts of intelligence, i.e. manipulation of symbols, processing of information, obeying complex rules, even learning by experience. Nevertheless, the computer is not capable of making abstractions, and is devoid of the three prime forces behind creativity— imagination, intuition, and emotion. Despite this, the computer has been making an appearance as a budding artist since about 1960.

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Collaborations that push generative 
 art forward.
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Collaborations that push generative art forward.

Led by Tender founder Adam Berninger, we work closely with new and established generative artists to conceive, co-create, fine-tune, and launch new long-form projects. Our focus is on creating artworks that have meaning, beauty, and originality – while supporting the growth of each artist during, and after, the collaboration.

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Fine art prints of pieces you own (and grab some Tender gear while you’re shopping : )

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A curated presentation of long-form gen art Icons.

A subjective list of the most iconic long-form projects in generative art, assembled from myriad considerations, labeled for granular searching, and ordered for narrative + general reflection of the landscape. The Icons serve to remind and expand perspectives of experienced collectors, and create a compelling case for the quality and diversity of fine art for new ones.