QubibiAnna LuciaZach LiebermanLicia HeCory Haber
Emily EdelmanMarcel SchwittlickAranda/Lasch

Exhibiting at the Untitled Art fair surrounding Art Basel Miami Beach in 2023, TENDER presents the works of eight leading artists. Shown alongside leading international contemporary galleries, Dimensionality showcases artworks created from code, each presented in special dimensional media that expand the notion of what generative art can be.

These series from Qubibi, Licia He, Zach Lieberman, Anna Lucia, Cory Haber, Emily Edelman, Marcel Shwittlick, and Aranda\Lasch each have their their own look, own technical approach, and own material format: pastel plotter drawings, silver gelatin prints, watercolor plots, letterpress prints, embroidery on stretched wool, carbon pigment prints, blackened copper sculpture, and yes – a video screen.

The tactility of this group exhibition accentuates the multi-dimensionality found in the body of work pursued by each artist: organic microcosms, written ephemera, computational abstraction, contemporary digital craft, algorithmic structures, and light itself.

By presenting these special code-based works in physical formats, emphasis at the fair is placed on the artists and artworks first, allowing for deeper explanation of the generative medium and its techniques to unfold outside of preconceptions around what digital art looks like.

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On view at Untitled Art fair 2023
Booth C58
12th + Ocean, South Beach, Miami

Dec 5: VIP + Press Preview
Dec 6-10: Public Fair

8 unique series created with code
Sales at Fair, Auctions online Dec 11

Sales Schedule
Dec 5: At Fair only
Dec 6: Also on Verse for TENDER Pass holders
Dec 7-10: At Fair & on Verse for all

mimizu Untitledby Kazumasa Teshigawara (Qubibi)
0 pieces listed
Bloomby Cory Haber
3 artworks$6,500
Reverieby Emily Edelman
16 artworks$600
Composition #86: It is what it isby Marcel Schwittlick
8 artworks$900
Primitivesby Aranda\Lasch
2 artworks$2,500
Searchlightsby Zach Lieberman
3 artworks
33 millionby Anna Lucia
0 pieces listed