Tender amplifies the value of generative art by empowering artists and collectors with a curatorial platform, indispensable tools, unique content, and the groundbreaking TENDER x Collab series.



Expand your access to unique collaborations with extraordinary artists, powerful curation tools, collector insights, thriving community channels, and much more by minting TENDER Pass. Every Pass helps grow the Tender ecosystem and supports the entire generative art lifecycle from creation to collection.

Promo art

1000 Lifetime Passes

Art by Punevyr · Minted on fx(hash)


Chance to reserve a TENDER x Collab mint for each drop

Access to Curated Drops Calendar on tender.art

Streamlined discord server for Pass holders only

Access to creating unlimited Curated Galleries on tender.art

20% off all artist-approved fine art prints through TENDER

Insights Newsletter about the art and marketplace

Every mint for TENDER x Collabs is reserved for Pass holders.* The series is ongoing... upcoming artists include:

* The reserves Allowlist includes the Founding Tenders and Special Pass holders (see below) – with the remaining spots assigned to randomly selected Passholders. Unminted reserves after 1 hour will be reassigned to remaining Passholders, and the public 1h after that.


The five TENDER Pillars are active and primed for growth. As we further our impact on the space, we will also scale the benefits to passholders:

TENDER Platform

Further access to enhanced features for curating, collecting, and presenting artworks to larger audiences. Plus, integration of other long-form generative art platforms.

TENDER Collection

Opportunity to participate in new TENDER fxhash subDAO (after it’s released), and/or broader shared collecting vehicle.

TENDER x Collabs

Access to more reserve lists, previews, giveaways, and artist Q&As.

TENDER Insights

Deep slices of content about generative art, market opportunities, trends, and incoming drops, as well as access to openings, IRL events, discounted memberships and coursework, and more.

TENDER Display

Additional physical display opportunities, such as partnerships with framers, digital display providers, etc.

Why a TENDER Pass?

The TENDER Pass is serving collectors who want less stressful minting experiences, market-integrated experiential galleries, and a clear path to discovering incredible art – all while supporting our ability to deliver more to you, our core community. Proceeds from the TENDER Pass go toward building tender.art – the ultimate platform for uniting, growing, and fulfilling the potential held within long-form generative art. With the TENDER Pass, we'll foster influential levels of engagement within a community deeply committed to generative art, helping attract new collectors just discovering the space – including those coming from other platforms, and from outside of crypto all together. From IRL gallery events to art books and retrospectives we share great art with the world.

What we’ll do together.

We’re proven builders, curators, artists, and collectors setting out to build the leading cross-platform generative art community – and we’re just getting started. As a passionate collective of generative art devotees, know that everything we do together will grow this space and help collectors & artists thrive. TENDER Passholders will nurture the advocacy of well-informed generative art culture across social media and the real-world relationships + communities that expand our space the most. Together, we’ll help shape the place of generative art within greater Art History.

The Pass!


TENDER Pass is an access point to a richer Tender experience and is itself a long-form generative art project. Created in collaboration with beloved fx artist Punevyr , the 1000-edition TENDER Pass was released through fxhash on tender.art

Tender is committed to stewarding the growth of generative art and amplifying the voices of artists and collectors across the entire lifecycle: from creation to collection to curation, and back again. Every Pass minted and resold directly enables Tender to continue creating the platform and experiences that serve this mission.

Special Passes

A small number of randomly generated, rarified tokens come with amplified benefits:

TENDER Grail Pass

2 Free mints on all TENDER x Collabs projects

TENDER Bonus Pass

1 Guaranteed mint on all TENDER x Collab projects


25% secondary royalites – we’re looking for strong hodlers, and royalites that feed long-term growth of the platform in ways that benefit the entire community.


50 Pass tokens were reserved for TENDER and distributed to original TENDER Team members, collaborating artists, and other key contributors.

Use of Funds

All Pass proceeds are invested back into the generative art space. 95% goes to TENDER Operations, supporting the current and future TENDER digital platform & initiatives for artists, collectors, and curators. 5% goes to the existing T E N D E R collection of art to support the artists and art upon which TENDER was initiated. This collection is shared by the Founding Tenders - a group of ~30 supporters who have volunteered valuable time toward the conception and evolution of the TENDER ecosystem (for more information on the Founding Tenders, please see our transparency statement).


Passholders can join us for art-talk on Discord – just follow this link and verify the wallet that holds your pass: https://discord.gg/X3uzD5Hwya