Transparency Statements


The operations of Tender is run by founder @ajberni – and he uses proceeds from the TENDER Pass and TENDER x Collaborations to fund our efforts in building tools, communities, and artistic endeavors that help grow the generative art space for artists and collectors alike. Net revenue from TENDER Prints is minimal, and does not cover the cost of running the printing site – we offer this service as a benefit to the community.


Tender is associated with a collection funded by many of the Tenders listed below. Our subjective convictions around the art in this space spurs us to share, write about, and (yes) collect the pieces that move us.

For transparency, all transactions and wallet interactions are stored on the blockchain in a wallet clearly named T E N D E R. This collection receives a small percent of proceeds from Pass and Collab sales as a structured way to purchase from the secondary after a drop, as many artists do.

Like all collecting, the decisions of each project, piece, and time of acquisition will be completely subjective, and our own. We hope to inspire and educate – but encourage everyone to collect with their own passions.

Tender Collection Wallet


We use proceeds from primary and secondary collaboration sales to fund Tender Operations (mostly building the web platform), and as minor compensation for whomever leads the collaboration with the artist. TENDER x Collabs are time consuming and highly collaborative endeavors led by founder @ajberni in partnership with generative artists – we use a standardized share of proceeds to continue growing the space in ways that benefit artists at large, and are incredibly thankful for every artist's participation.


Tender's founding members assembled into an informal team who advise how Tender can be most effective – they are a close-knit group of collectors and curators who are committed to broadening and growing the generative art space. Together, these Founding Tenders build awareness, provides insight, and supports extraordinary generative artists and artworks.

While our mission is united, our voices and choices are individual, and Tender operations is run completely independently. We are each curating with conviction and are openly collectors – so we will of course collect with our convictions as well. In this day, and in this space, we believe that someone who expresses their taste in a curatorial form may also openly act on those tastes in the marketplace.

In that spirit of transparency, we share the collections and twitter handles for all members of the Founding Tenders for anyone to see. While the details can be obtained on the blockchain, this access eases the research for anyone who wants to see the holdings of voices behind our efforts.


We are active participants in the public open market. Any of our selling activities are not indicators of lacking conviction in a project or artist. We are collectors who strategically use earnings to continue collecting, often even selling an artwork in order to buy a different piece we subjectively prefer within the same project. Nothing coming from Tender or associated Team members should be construed as financial advice.