fx 2.0 Launch Partnership

Piter PasmaellaippsketchStudio YorktownNight Sea

TENDER was selected as the exclusive curation partner for fx(hash) 2.0 launch day, and has collaborated with five special artists to bring standout long-form works to life for the release event. This new era of fx(hash) unites Ethereum and Tezos under one comprehensive generative minting platform, and the works in this show also straddle both chains to bring something for every collector.

The artworks themselves for Tender's presentation span architectural landscapes (Studio Yorktown), colored light objects (ella), tactile dimensional gridworks (Piter Pasma), play in graphic perspectives (ippsketch), and immersive generative audio + visual works (Night Sea). This is the first time that fx and Tender have formally partnered in curation, and the launch of the platform's initial 'partner' presentation tools.

Release Details

Blokkendoos by Piter Pasma
512 pieces on Eth, on-chain
0.4 - 0.1 eth rebate DA @ 9:30 EST

Caustic Obstacles by ella
128 pieces on Tez
64 - 20 tez rebate DA @ 10:30 EST

Paradigm by ippsketch
128 pieces on Eth, on-chain
.5 - 0.1 eth rebate DA @ 11:30 EST

Komšije by Studio Yorktown
128 pieces on Tez
256 - 64 tez rebate DA @ 12:30 EST

Ratio by Night Sea
64 pieces on Eth, on-chain
.3 - 0.05 eth rebate DA @ 13:30 EST

Paradigmby ippsketch
128 artworks0.5
fx hash 2.0 launch curation
Komšijeby Studio Yorktown
128 artworks256
fx hash 2.0 launch curation
Ratioby Night Sea
64 artworks0.3
fx hash 2.0 launch curation