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It is an extraordinary thing when a piece of art has the power to transport you. To take you to places known and unknown, to make you feel happy, sad, scared, hopeful - to make you feel.

I am far from an expert in understanding what makes good art, but I seek out this mysterious force when collecting. Like a mighty wave washing over you, Zee by Lucas Reveil has this power.

Zee #6
Hope on the horizon, Zee #6

The contrast between the dark water and the sliver of light on the horizon plays into the conflicting and often powerful emotions the ocean is capable of evoking. Reveil mentions these contrasts as inspirations for Zee:

The sea, with its many faces and stories, is beautiful, terrifying, and everything in between.

I feel an immense amount of solitude when looking at Zee, while others perhaps find solace on the horizon and feel a sense of optimism for what comes. Peering into Zee is like looking out on the ocean from the bow of a ship. Is the ship lost at sea, or does it have a destination? Is it close to shore or far off, treading over the depths?

From a technical perspective, there’s much to appreciate in how Zee was composed – as both an artwork and collection. For starters, the set consists of only 25 pieces. This small edition size was a conscious decision made by the artist and something discussed heavily in the community.

Indeed, more variation (i.e., additional palettes, etc.) could have been integrated to increase the edition count, but at what cost? I appreciate that Lucas S. Reveil had a clear vision that he created and executed perfectly.

Zee #15
Lost at sea, Zee #15

Zee has found its way into the hands of some of the most renowned collectors on fxhash. Amongst those for whom Zee holds a particular and mysterious pull, there is a certain knowing, something akin to a glance that says yes without uttering it aloud.

Following Zee, Reveil’s other works have found acclaim as well. I highly encourage you to check them out — perhaps you’ll find they pull you in, too.

Artist's Description
As wild as it is, for me the sea has something soothing. The rushing of the waves, the strong wind in your face, the salty air, the screeching of seagulls, freezing rain. At the coast it is easy to forget everything and be in the moment. The view is expansive and no matter how ominous the clouds, somewhere the sun breaks through. At the same time, the raging sea can be life-threatening. Many have lost their lives at sea or by the sea, some by flooding, some in the battle for peace, others in search of a better life. The sea, with its many faces and stories, is beautiful, terrifying and everything in between. #Features Are there birds, and if so, how many? Is it raining? How cloudy is it? How rough is the sea? Generative art coded with p5js.
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