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Artist's Description
Hus is a temporal generative art data visualization about care work and gender. Each variation of the work provides a unique perspective of the gender gap in care work within Danish society. Utilizing time and movement as a visualizer technique, the underlying data set is meant to be understood by the spectator through prolonged exposure to the work. Hus changes its expression over a 24 hour cycle to visualize how care work can be understood to be split between men, women and queer people in Danish society. Each of the three main colors in Hus correspond to a different group of people. Each group has different movements, corresponding to how the data shows that they approach care work. The data comes from the report “Hvordan bruger danskerne tiden?” from 2018 by Rockwool Fonden. The report does not include data for queer people, and they are therefore included as a separate group with a somewhat random pattern of movements to emphasize the lack of representation in research. Hus is released in collaboration with OFFICE IMPART as part of Node — a platform to explore the Boundaries of Digital Art. · Interactions · Pressing the following keys will trigger functionality. Some of them also add related URL parameters. Pressing I will save the piece as an image. Only works outside of iframe. Pressing V will start recording a video. Pressing it again will stop recording and save the video. Only works outside of iframe. Pressing C will cycle through the color schemes. Pressing F will toggle between fast forwarding the animation. Pressing A will toggle between autoplay mode. Pressing U will toggle full screen mode. Pressing T will toggle between freezing Hus in current time. Pressing N will show a new random variation and clear the URL parameters. · URL parameters · You can add the following parameters to the URL to change the behavior of the piece. image=true — Save the piece as an image on page load. color=<number> — See the piece in another color scheme. The numbers loop around, so 12 equals 0, 13 equals 1, etc. fastforward=true — Start Hus in fast forward mode. autoplay=true — Run autoplay mode which cycles through new variations every minute. fullscreen=true — Start Hus in fullscreen mode. time=<HH:MM:SS> — See how Hus looks at a specific time of day. Use the format HH:MM:SS. · Accessibility · Hus is built to support screen readers. It has been tested using MacOS’ VoiceOver, and uses custom code to provide screen reader functionality. When saving an image, Hus produces an image description that can be used when sharing on social media to improve accessibility. If you have any comments (good or bad) on the screen reader integration, don’t hesitate to reach out. · Credits and license · Hus is made with Three.js. Hus is licensed under a modified version of the Climate Strike License (CSL).
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